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I've spoken with people today who perplex me...

They spoke about changes within the community as if it's a natural thing, as if it's the laws of physics, as if it can work both ways... that those who try to maintain the small, important, politically neglected areas of their lives, could easily move into other communities that were less politically neglected - meaning wealthier, meaning whiter. 

Please keep this in mind, to be mindful. That we are not on an even playing field. That these changes are not "natural" nor are they accidental. And that they have never worked both ways. That it is not a closed loop - it is a waste stream. The waste being the wasted capacity of those with privilege to be conscience of the needs of others. 

The need being a familiar we all rightly deserve - a home. 

And this reminds me of something a friend of mine, S. D., once taught me, about the intelligence of plants and seeds. Seeds that are saved and grown in the same place understand the best way to grow. Just imagine if you spent hours, days, years, in the same place? You would know everything you would need to know to survive. 

Another thing we all rightly deserve, the knowledge we have when connected to our roots, to give us our best chances of survival.

two roots of mine
Negros Occidental, EMF 12/21/1941
Chicago, IL DLF 8/10/1945

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